6 Significant LICE Lessons from An Expert

April 12, 2018

6 Significant LICE Lessons from An Expert

6 Significant LICE Lessons from An Expert

April 12, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, lice are not a result of lack of hygiene on anyone’s part; they’re simply a fact of life.

Millions of kids deal with head lice infestations every year. In fact, with so much awareness around the topic of lice, parents are becoming better equipped to deal with dreaded lice infestations.

From DIY home remedies, to drugstore lice shampoos, from chemical treatments to getting professional all-natural treatments done, there are a variety of methods available for head lice removal. But from an expert point of view, what are the best possible ways to deal with lice infestations and prevent them from ever recurring?

Let’s look at some of the opinions professionals have to offer.

1.     How Head Lice Spread

Head lice are a common problem amongst school-going children. Experts agree that lice spread around through direct contact. Lice can travelhead to head and for kids who spend a lot of time playing together, lice infestation can be an issue.

Lice can also survive for short amount of time on objects such as hats, clothing items, or hairbrushes. So, concerned parents should be on the lookout for these.

2.     Sure-Fire Head Lice Symptoms

Parents who suspect a head lice infestation in their children should keep these signs in mind. Lice experts list a few telltale symptoms that signal a lice invasion. Constant itching, visible signs of bugs crawling around in the hair, white dots (nits) flecking the hair strands, and restlessness are all common symptoms of lice.

3.     Removing Lice from Hair

Although many people first reach for over-the counter topical lice treatments in order to get rid of lice, experts have shown themto be shockingly toxic andultimately ineffective. With a truckload of chemically harmful ingredients mixed in, such treatments do more harm than good when it comes to treating lice. Most lice specialists don’t recommend people to use these treatments as they can be counter-productive instead.

Also, over-the-counter treatments can only get rid of active lice and not lice eggs. The left-behind nits will hatch in a day or two to cause re-infestation all over again.

4.     Removing Lice from Home

All lice experts agree that the best way to ensure lice never comes back to haunt you ever again is by eliminating all signs of an infestation. That means going over household items that might have been exposed to lice. Even though lice cannot survive for long off of a human head, it is still better to be on the safe side and get bedding items dry-cleaned.

5.     Home-Remedies

Some people also opt for home remedies such as using mayonnaise and Listerine for lice removal but experts have deemed them ineffectual. There is little hard evidence that these DIY home remedies work and their success stories are mostly anecdotal. They might not completely eradicate lice and can even prolong your child’s misery.

6.     Professional Treatment

Lice experts agree that the best way to make sure your life is free of lice is to get professional treatment done. It is all-natural, chemical-free, and promises you guaranteed results. Rather than going through the painstaking process of removing lice yourself, going to a lice treatment center is a much more viable option.

If your child has been plagued by lice, no need to worry; visit us at Lice Master for a speedy elimination of every single louse and nit on your kid’s head. Give us a call at 800-748-9451. We are always available to provide hands-on assistance!

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