How to Stop Being That Nit-Picky Parent

April 9, 2018

How to Stop Being That Nit-Picky Parent

Why Lice Master’s Lice Removal ServicesAre the Best Way to Treat Lice

How to Stop Being That Nit-Picky Parent

April 9, 2018

When it comes to lice, your real issue isn’t just the six-legged insect you’ve come to know and hate—but what they lay.

We’re of course, talking about nits—the small oval-shaped whitish eggs that lice come from.

The female louse lays about 5 eggs each day. These eggs take around 7-10 days to hatch, after which you get nymphs. These nymphs grow into adult lice that mate, which then leads to more nits and thus, the cycle goes on.

As a parent of a child, you of course, have experience with picking those lice and nits, so you know how difficult it can be to nitpick. Nits are 0.5 cm, which is about a quarter of an inch big.

While these nits can be seen with our naked eye, it’s not easy to differentiate them from dandruff.

These nits hatch and lead to a re-infestation. This is a main reason why we don’t recommend that parents nitpick.

Stop Being a Nit Comb Wielder

Yes, the nit comb is very helpful when it comes to combing out those eggs. But the problem here is that to pick nits out, you need to have more essential tools. Nits don’t come out so easily. When lice lay eggs, they secrete a special glue-like substance that glues the egg to the hair shaft.

When you try to pry the egg from the follicle, you end up picking the hair out. This can lead to skin irritation.

Is There a Solution?

Nitpicking should only be left to lice specialists; trained professionals who use appropriate tools to remove lice quickly and efficiently.

At lice treatment centers like Lice Master, we use special equipment and natural treatments to ensure our clients are well-taken care of.

The tools remove lice and nits, and the safe, non-toxic treatments nourish the hair while killing and washing out lice, making sure that there’s no re-infestation.

For a nitpicky parent, it can be difficult to let go of their habit. But remember that it’s better if you make the right choice and go to a specialist instead. Let them work their magic to keep you and your family lice-free for a long time.

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