Adults Get Head Lice Too—Learn How to Handle an Infestation

March 7, 2018

Adults Get Head Lice Too—Learn How to Handle an Infestation

Adults Get Head Lice Too—Learn How to Handle an Infestation

March 7, 2018

When we think of head lice, we mostly associate this phenomenon with young children. This is not incorrect, as kids of school-going age are most likely to contract head lice infestations.

However, it is not entirely possible for adults to get head lice too. Those who are particularly at risk for an infestation are the parents of young children and those involved in providing some form of childcare, such as teachers and babysitters.

However, anyone can potentially get head lice at any time, given the fact that it’s possible to get exposed to someone with an infestation anyplace and anytime.

Getting head lice as an adult can be quite the emotionally and mentally taxing situation. If you thought that the stigma against head lice was tough, the experience of the stigma as an adult as compared to as a child is one to be considered.

It’s important to take the situation in stride, focusing on problem-solving rather than panicking at the issue at hand.

What Should an Adult with Head Lice do?

The key is to take the situation one step at a time. Realize and remind yourself of the fact that head lice are no threat to you—they are not carriers of disease, so this is more of an unpleasant inconvenience than a medical emergency.

While they are quite the slow creatures and unlikely to survive off the scalp, it can be a bit tiresome trying to eliminate them from your scalp effectively.

This is because they are difficult to spot, and are resistant to most over-the-counter head lice treatments. Home remedies are also a bust, being more likely to get you into a mess than get lice out of your hair.

For truly effective head lice treatment, the best course of action to take is to invest in a professional lice removal service.

That’s where we at Lice Master can help you out. We provide effective head lice removal in Coral Gables and Miami, as well as other regions of Florida. If you find yourself plagued by the pesky critters, we can sort you out at your earliest possible convenience!

We make use of the nit-picking process, making use of a specially designed comb and organic hair products to systematically remove all traces of head lice from your scalp.

We also do in-home treatments, offering discreet services that ensure your privacy. Give us a call at 800-748-9451 to book your appointment!

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