What are the Most Effective Measures against Head Lice?

March 13, 2018

What are the Most Effective Measures against Head Lice?

What are the Most Effective Measures against Head Lice?

What are the Most Effective Measures against Head Lice?

March 13, 2018

Within microseconds, Google will display 7,880,000 results for the question above.

How about we just settle for one that’s actually helpful?

While the internet may offer countless hacks on getting rid of head lice, they aren’t really effective. In fact, in some cases, they can be harmful for your health.

As purveyors of a clinic that offers safe and effective lice treatment using only natural ingredients, we decided to offer up a list of supposedly safe measures against head lice that people follow. And with each, we’ll tell you why you definitely shouldn’t!

Using Mayonnaise

The trick to using mayonnaise is that you cover the scalp with the condiment and use a plastic shopping bag to cover the hair for some time. Easy enough, however, the problem here is that mayonnaise does nothing to suffocate the bugs, neither does it kill the nits. Not to mention that this trick is quite dangerous because the plastic shopping bag is a choking hazard, especially if used on younger children.

Using Gasoline

This is another treatment that has been followed since the early 20th century but it’s useless nonetheless.

Nowadays, people use it so they don’t have to face any embarrassment that might stem from using over-the-counter products or going to a lice salon. What they don’t realize is that using gasoline on their scalp is quite dangerous. The fumes from the gasoline can easily ignite, so it would only take a lit cigarette or a light on the stove to make the fumes become alight.

Using Over-the-Counter Treatments

Several OTC treatments use chemicals known as pyrethrins which are also used in common insecticide. While this treatment was useful before, it has now become ineffective because the new strand of lice have now evolved to become resistant to the chemical. To combat this, companies now include harsher chemicals in these treatments which in turn, cause allergic reactions and burns.

Is there an Effective Alternative Option?

Natural lice treatments are perhaps the best choice.

Made using natural ingredients, these treatments are safe-for-use and effective and are concocted to provide nourishment to the roots and scalp while ridding your hair of lice. They’re also quite gentle on the skin because due to the natural ingredients.

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