Who are we and how did we come about? We are a Lice removal company by the name of Lice Master, and we understand what you are going through. Like most people who have children, we have had many encounters with lice that have resulted in frustration and irritation. The irritation comes from the pest itself, from the suffering it causes children, and how persistent these parasites can be. On the other hand, the frustration arises from the fact that most over the counter treatments are loaded with strong chemicals any parent would like to avoid applying on their kids, that or that they don’t work. Having faced this situation countless times, we took matters into our own hands and decided to make a solution that we would gladly use. Something that was utterly effective after one treatment, a solution that was not toxic or loaded with chemicals, one that was natural and safe.

Having come up with the ideal treatment, we became aware that other people were suffering just as we had; other parents were just as desperate as we had once been. We felt it was our obligation to make this treatment available to others and bring relief to families across Florida.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident about our lice solution that we can say it is 100% guaranteed to work. Most cases will be resolved with one treatment, although severe cases require a second session.

Once you have undergone our treatment, your risk of being re-infected is significantly reduced. We realize that you need to get back to business, that the kids must get back to school, and that you want life to go back to normal as soon as possible which is why we provide you with a lice-free certificate that will allow your children to return to school right away.

At Lice Master we will provide your family with educational material designed to prevent any future lice infestation, ultimately we care about you and your family, and our customer service will prove that to you. Remember, our treatment is natural, not toxic or loaded with chemicals, and works every time. We can have your free of lice the same day you call, and you need not worry about your privacy as we will go out of our way to protect it. Book now and say goodbye to lice.

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