A Guide on Educating Children on Head Lice

March 17, 2018

A Guide on Educating Children on Head Lice

A Guide on Educating Children on Head Lice

A Guide on Educating Children on Head Lice

March 17, 2018

For a child, getting lice can be devastating. Not just because they don’t realize that it’s not their fault, but because they fear bullying for their lice more than the actual infestation.

This is why it’s important to educate all children on lice and why getting lice is not something to be scared of. Instead, if a child has lice, they should simply tell an adult (at school or their parents) so they can go to a lice clinic straight away.

Though before we go to that part, let’s first discuss educating children on lice and what should be done.

Tips on Teaching Children about Lice

Ø Learn about it together

The first step to teaching your child about lice is to make it a family learning experience.

As the parent, you’ll learn a lot about lice as well and will be on the same page as them. If you’re watching a video or reading a book about lice prevention, sit with them and learn together so you’re all on the same page.

You’ll discover a lot about lice and the different misconceptions we have about this infestation.

Ø Make Lice Prevention Measures a Routine Thing

This way, they won’t feel singled out when you try to prevent a lice outbreak in the household.

Place a separate basket near the entryway of your house. It should be entirely for outdoor wear so family members can put their items in the basket after they come home from school or work.

Inform other parents about this practice and urge them to implement it in their households as well.

Ø Show Them That They’re Not Alone

Children often feel isolated when they get lice because they think they’re at fault. Make them understand that getting head lice is nothing to feel guilty about and give them a sense of comfort.

Do not exclude them from family gathering, and instruct other household members to work together to support them.

Ø Take them to a Lice Specialist

Hearing a professional say that anyone can get lice will have more of an effect on your child than if you were to say it. There are so many misconceptions about lice floating around school that children are often bullied, just for having lice.

It’s important to take your child to a specialist and have them explain the circumstances surrounding a lice outbreak. They’ll be more educated on the subject and will be more understanding if someone else gets lice as well.

Host a Lice Screening at School!

Another tactic parents can follow to educate children on lice is by asking the school to have a lice screening. As a professional lice removal service in Kendall, Lice Master offers our lice specialists for your school’s screening.

Contact us to know more about lice and learn how we can help your child understand the truth about preventing head lice.

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