Are Play Dates A No-No When Lice Are Afoot?

December 1, 2017

Are Play Dates A No-No When Lice Are Afoot?

Are Play Dates A No-No When Lice Are Afoot?

December 1, 2017

Getting together, talking, and playing with friends is an important part of a child’s routine. Play dates help children make friends and stay active.

But if you find out there is a lice epidemic taking over your neighborhood? Indeed, lice infestations can impact the social activities of your child. They can lead to a lot of questions. Here is how lice infestations affect the social routine of your child and why in such situations play dates are a no-no.

Is It Safe For Children To Have A Play Date With Lice Going Around?

Lice infestations do not mean locking the doors and keeping children inside. Dealing with them is a part of childhood. They do not cause any medical problems other than an itching scalp, and they are not dangerous either.

Playing with another child does not necessarily mean that your child is going to end up with lice in their hair. Therefore cancelling their play dates isn’t the solution to this. Rather you should let your child play with their friends and instead talk to their friend’s parents about resolving the issue.

How Can Children Avoid Getting Lice During Their Play Date?

You must educate your child about how lice can spread. Tell them that they can jump or crawl from one head to another. Therefore, they must maintain a distance with their friend’s head for example during wrestling or hugging.

You must tell your children not to share pillows, hairbrushes, or even exchange hats with other children because according to studies lice can spread through these.

Since lice can happen to any child, it is important that you teach your children to not to blame anyone for starting the breakout. This can eventually damage your child’s relationships.

What Do I Do If My Child Has Lice?

It is your foremost responsibility to treat the lice in your child’s hair before their next play date. Scheduling a professional treatment for them is the best way of doing so. Professionals use special devices to dehydrate eggs and lice using heated air. They use safe and non toxic products to get rid of head lice quickly and safely.

You can also comb your child’s hair everyday for a couple of weeks just to ensure that all the lice are completely removed.

In case your child has a play date scheduled in the next few days, it is good to inform their friend’s parents. Tell them that your child is going to undergo treatment to get rid of lice. If they cancel the play date, once your child has been treated, you can schedule one again.

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