How to Treat and Kill Head Lice – The Ultimate Guide

October 30, 2017

How to Treat and Kill Head Lice – The Ultimate Guide

How to Treat and Kill Head Lice

How to Treat and Kill Head Lice – The Ultimate Guide

October 30, 2017

What’s every parent’s nightmare?

Delayed alimony? Their favorite fast-food item being discontinued? A lice-y situation…

Six to twelve million children in the U.S. contract head lice each year. And just as many tears are shed!

How do we get rid of this menacing, blood sucking parasite?

What works, what doesn’t?

One thing for sure about treating and killing head lice is that the methods once used to work for our parents are no longer deemed adequate or even safe for lice treatments.

The end result is frustration, desperation, and the perpetual urge to scratch our own hair out! What can a busy parent do to ensure effective lice removal?

“There are many lice removal methods available in the market, some effective while others completely useless in providing results. The secret to finding a lice removal treatment that really works is to weigh advantages and disadvantages of others first,” according to founder of Lice Master.

As such, parents of school going children (even adults unfortunate enough to have lice) have a few options they can utilize for treating and killing lice. But first:

Relax – Contracting Lice Isn’t End Of The World!

Parenting Tip: Never have children, they might get lice! (LOL)

Nothing brings more fear, disgust and loathing than head lice. Schools in Florida and New York go one step ahead and send the dreaded ‘lice notes’ to further drive this nail into the coffin.

Schools and care-giving establishments are hotspots for lice outbreaks, resulting in panic and emotional breakdowns!

Even the most level-headed mom will think about burning her kid’s stuffed toys and/or shaving every family member’s head! (Important Note: Please don’t do that).

Worrying and freaking out over what has already happened won’t help you much. Take a deep breath and look at these lice removal treatments, choosing the best one for your family!

Manual Nitpicking and Combing

This method of lice treatment is considered the oldest, used by people when there weren’t any chemical based lice treatments. Manual or DIY nitpicking and combing is effective in thorough purging of lice and nits from the hair, only if the person (doing the treatment) is skilled for the task.

The tool used for removing and killing lice must also be appropriate for the job i.e. a wooden or even plastic lice removal comb won’t help. Manual nitpicking and combing requires hours of effort as thorough lice removal won’t take place even if one nit or live lice is left behind.

Chances of lice re-infestation are high but so is the chance of getting a lice and nit-free head.


Much cleaner

More thorough

Pesticide free and safe



Takes a lot of time and effort


Results depend on skill of person doing treatment

Even one live lice and nit left behind can bring another outbreak

OTC Lice Removal Shampoos and Solutions

If only there was a magic potion that could kill lice and nits with just one application… Well, there is such a magic solution that can be used by parents for quick and convenient lice removal!

There are many over-the-counter lice removal shampoos and solutions available that ensure easy lice removal, causing desperate parents to flock their nearest grocery store.

But do these lice shampoos really work?

Most common lice shampoos in the market today are Rid and NIX, two commercially produced shampoos that contain pesticides and other such chemicals. Copious amounts of the shampoo is slathered into hair and rinsed after ten minutes.

The treatment includes a manual nit and lice combing session, followed by repeat shampooing and nit combing in the coming week (or 10 days).



Less fuss

Can be cost-effective (according to used products)


Time consuming

Unsafe and unnatural

Possibly hazardous to health

Cannot kill nits

Expensive (according to used products)

Requires repeat applications

Requires manual lice and nit combing

Ineffective in killing super or resistant lice

DIY Home Remedies – Tea Tree Oil, Mayonnaise, Olive Oil

Home lice removal remedies and treatments are considered as the safest and most natural, ideal for usage on young children. Many of the treatments consist of pesticide free essential oils such as tea tree oil which is thought as a natural louse repellant.

Another natural remedy is applying olive oil in the hair, then combing out the lice and nits. In addition to making combing easier, the oil makes the hair healthy and shiny. Some people even use mayonnaise as a home remedy, thinking lice will be suffocated.

No evidence or research suggests that these home remedies really work in killing head lice. If anything, use of home remedies can be dangerous and ineffective!


Pesticide free

Safe prevention measure

Provides other benefits besides lice removal

Cheap treatment

Easily accessible




Repeat treatments necessary

Manual nit and lice removal

Potentially dangerous

One thing remains constant in all these methods, which is manual nit and lice combing. Why not let professional lice removal services handle this job then?

In addition to thorough and pesticide free lice and nit removal, Lice Master also provides at-home lice removal services and cleaning/inspection of your home. So, don’t wait anymore!

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