Head Lice Survival Guide for Summer Camps

April 11, 2018

Head Lice Survival Guide for Summer Camps

Head Lice Survival Guide for Summer Camps

April 11, 2018

Summer camps are a heaven for head lice; scores of kids in close proximity, humid atmosphere, and no watchful parental eyes waiting to take action.

When you send your kid off to a camp for the summer, you want them to have a good time, learn some skills, have fun, make new friends; what you don’t want them to have is head lice.

Some of your child’s best memories are made at summer camp, but bring lice into the picture and it can turn nightmarish really fast.

A study conducted in 2016 by the University of Michigan Mott Children’s Hospital kept track of lice infestations occurring in many as 500 summer camps over a period of three years. This shows just how rampant lice infestations are at summer camps.

It is important for summer camp programs to be proactive when it comes to preventing the spread of lice amongst camp-goers.

Parents and camp-staff both should take these preventive measures to ensure that children do not contract lice this summer.

Conduct a Pre-camp Head Check

One way of preventing lice infestation is to nip the problem right in the bud. Before parents send off their ward to summer camp, they should check their hair for any signs of active lice and nits.

Examining your kid’s head at home can prevent lice from spreading when they go to camp. Not only will a head check save your kid from lice, it will also save others.

If your child does have lice, it is best to remove head lice completely before sending them to camp.

Educate Your Kids

Ignorance begets wrongdoing and unfortunately, when it comes to lice, there is not enough awareness amongst kids. It is important that you educate your child on what lice are and how they’re spread. The more they know, the better equipped they will be to protect themselves from it.

Teach your children to avoid close head-to-head contact with anyone at camp and to avoid sharing of personal items at all costs. This includes clothing, hats, scarves, hairbrushes, pillows, and sleeping bags.

Encourage Braids and Up-Dos

For kids who have longer hair, it is best to put them up in a ponytail or bun, or tie them down in a braid in order to avoid catching lice at camp. Lice tend to stick more easily to open, flowing tresses and your kid will be more at danger with open hair. Tied hair will prevent the lice from attaching themselves to hair strands.

Be Proactive

It is important that the camp management stays proactive when it comes to lice infestations. They should ensure regular screenings for lice prevention and decide strategies for dealing with lice in case of an outbreak.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

In case your kid does contract head lice at camp, it’s okay! Lice are not carriers of any harmful diseases and can easily be removed. Your best option in case of a lice outbreak at camp is to call in professional lice removal specialists.

Here at Lice Master, we offer effective and convenient lice removal services and screenings for summer camps. We ensure speedy head lice removal so that kids can get back to doing the most important task: having fun!

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