In-Home Lice Treatment

In-Home Lice Treatment

Discreet Solution For Pesky Head Lice!

Dealing with head lice is frustrating, as these little parasites spread fast. Children gathering in schools only exacerbates this quick spreading. Lice are known for breeding in humid temperatures, making summer the perfect season for these pests to thrive.

Once a child has been infested, he or she will have trouble going back to school. Not only is the situation awkward and embarrassing, but the itch can lead to excessive scratching and damage the scalp.

Your premier florida lice solution

Lice Master is a leading lice removal service in Florida. We help parents and children remove the pesky critters, offering natural solutions to all your lice woes. Over-the-counter products are harmful for your child’s health because they’re laden with harsh chemicals. These chemicals (lindane and ovide) are known to be hazardous to our health.

We provide our clients with a quick and effective respite from their lice problem with discreet in-home treatment that’s both effective and affordable. No matter where you live, we are always nearby to help you quickly rid your children or yourself from lice for good.

Ditch the chemicals for our natural solution

We use natural methods to take care of the problem for you. Unlike OTC products, our shampoos and thickening creams are made using natural ingredients. Furthermore, the combs we use have a strong grip and do not break easily, unlike the ones found in department stores. This combination of products and tools ensures that all lice and nits are taken care of with no damage to your scalp or your child’s.

Our in-home treatments mean we come to you

Handy for busy parents that do not have time to deal with the problem, our in-home treatments and home inspection services provide a quick and low-effort solution.

Give us a call, and our specialists will come straight to your home to carry out the treatments. They will then run thorough checks to ensure that no critter is left behind.

Be free of the irritating itching lice bring with just one treatment—a confident guarantee by all of Lice Master’s centers. If you or your child is struggling with an infestation, call us book an appointment today!

Time Is Critical

When it comes to lice, time is of the essence. Knowing this, our technicians arrive at your door the same day you schedule an appointment. These professionals are the same ones we employ in our clinics, so you know that you are being treated by the best in the industry. We are so sure of our process that we guarantee it as 100% effective. Unlike many products, our treatment is completely safe and pesticide free, so you can rest easy knowing you have made the best possible solution for you and your family.

Complete and Total Discretion

Many people find it very embarrassing when they discover their lice problem. It’s hard to come to terms with the notion that bugs are living in your hair! The idea is horrifying, so we make sure that our presence goes unnoticed, and your privacy is fully maintained. Our technicians arrive at your home driving an unmarked car, so any prying eyes will never suspect a thing. The whole process is quick and easy. Treatment generally takes an hour to finish, so we will be out of your hair in no time.

No More Frustration

Seeking a lice removal treatment that works should not be a frustrating endeavor, but many people report experiencing just that before finding us. To ensure your peace of mind and general well-being, we use a completely natural and non-toxic process guaranteed to work every time.

Common but Stigmatized

Though it’s a widespread issue, lice infestation somehow still carries a significant stigma. There is no reason this should be the case, but people tend to have an adverse reaction to lice that makes seeking treatment challenging and uncomfortable. We take care of your lice problem and maintain your privacy in very little time, negating this discomfort altogether.

A Little About Us

Dayla Harel became a pioneer of lice removal when her nine children repeatedly faced lice infestations. Exasperated with the over-the-counter treatments that rarely work and are usually loaded with harsh chemicals, she decided she could do better for her children. 

Realizing other parents had similar experiences, she went on to make her process available in the hopes of helping others, and so our sister company was founded. We are proud to offer our nationally-recognized Lice Master method throughout Florida, New Jersey and many other states.

Benefits of our In-home Lice Treatment Services include:

  • You get the same as the pesticide free, non-toxic, chemical-free treatment we perform in our salon
  • The entire household can be screened and treated at once, quickly and efficiently!
  • Our treatment is proven and 100% guaranteed
  • You will most likely need just one appointment to solve your lice problem. For severe cases, however, re-treatment may be required for a $60 fee
  • We offer extended evening and weekend hours for your convenience
  • Are you in a hurry? We can schedule same-day appointments: You call today, we get rid of the lice today.
  • We are completely discreet and confidential—we come to your home in unmarked cars
  • One affordable flat rate—no hourly charges or hidden fees
  • We will provide you with Health Insurance reimbursement forms (you must check with your provider to see if your plan covers services)
  • Your family will be provided with follow-up instructions and head louse prevention education

For anonymous treatment, opt for our in-home lice removal service, available in Miami, Broward, Orlando, &. Book now by calling any of the numbers listed below.

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