Head Lice Screening

Receiving a note from your child’s school informing you that they have lice is nothing short of horrifying. Given that children carrying these pests can spread them to other kids, they will usually be banned from school or camp until they have a certificate proving the issue has been resolved. Having lice can be traumatic to a child as other children are often less than kind in these situations. Not only are head lice a pest and an itchy inconvenience, but they can hurt a child’s social life as well as disrupt their education until the infestation is addressed. If you are here, you probably know that Lice can be very difficult to eradicate, causing much frustration to not only the child but the parents as well.

Because most people do not know how to fight lice, it is easy to fall victim to gimmicks and remedies that do not work, most over the counter anti-lice products are filled with chemicals some of which can lead to damage of the scalp and even permanent hair loss. Fortunately, we have a smooth, natural and pain-free In Home Lice Removal Service that is guaranteed to work every time without causing you the slightest of harm to you or your child.

Identifying the Problem Before It Spreads

One of the most important things you can do is identify the infestation before giving it time to spread.  Our experts use state of the art technology, making our screenings completely effective.  We offer free head lice screening to ensure that your family will be free of these parasites.

We cover a lot of Florida, New York, and other states—offering the best lice removal services to families like yours as well as schools, camps or any institution that needs to prevent a lice infestation in their midst.  Our clinics are located centrally to provide our services with the highest speed; we are made of professional technicians offering top customer service.

Unlike other Lice Removal Companies, we do not charge hourly rates, we do not hide fees, and we do not have any surprises, our prices are fixed, providing you peace of mind and our screenings are completely free.

Lice Masters follows strict regulations and policies to ensure your family’s health and safety. Your privacy is kept safe; we drive unmarked vehicles to avoid prying eyes; we make use of discreet calls and treatments that will not raise any eyebrows.

To make sure that your lice problem is gone once your  In-Home Lice Treatment has taken place we inspect your home, we address every surface and clean every corner where lice may hide ensuring that no parasite is given a chance to mount an infestation once more. Keep in mind that even if your hair and your child’s head are free of lice, they can quickly come back if you left any of them alive in the house, making sure your home is clean and free of parasites is very important

We highly recommend that your family get a screening from time to time; this can ensure your safety, remember that prevention is the best possible cure.

Call us at 1-800-748-9451 and get rid of your lice for good!

Head Lice Screening

Contact Lice Master Today for School Screenings

Lice Master is recognized as a school partner in the fight against lice. Our technicians are specially trained to perform mass screenings and to help school administrators keep schools lice free. Best of all, participating schools also receive coupons for affected kids to get treated at a discounted price. Our screenings are quick and discreet—children showing signs of lice are never made to feel bad, showcased, or ostracized. Because as we all know, anyone can get lice! The most important thing is to get rid of it as soon as possible. Besides being a highly contagious condition, a lice infestation can take a toll on an individual’s social life by exposing him or her to an unshakable stigma. Lice don’t discriminate towards any socio-economic group or race. Having lice is not an indication of anyone’s personal hygiene. At Lice Master,we take into account the social and physical dimensions of a lice infestation—offering exclusive lice screening services and discounts to school districts throughout the United States. At Lice Master, our clinics provide optimal lice removal services to parents, schools and camps. It is imperative that institutions work collectively to prevent this problem from occurring. Attempting to get rid of head lice on your own can be a very trying experience. You can skip that step and the headache that comes with it, by calling us right away. We take school lice detection and removal very seriously. The lice removal experts at Lice Master will:

  • Come to your school
  • Conduct thorough manual head lice screening
  • Provide information on containing an outbreak
  • Teach lice prevention strategies
  • Help you develop and implement a treatment plan

Our lice removal treatments:

  • Use all-natural and pesticide-free products
  • Are gentle enough for children and adults
  • Come with a guarantee

Protect Your School from Lice Today

We are always available to answer any questions you may have. To find out how your school can enlist the help of Lice Master for a lice free year, call us today at 800-405-8201!

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