What’s So “Super” About Super Lice?

November 22, 2017

What’s So “Super” About Super Lice?

What’s So “Super” About Super Lice?

November 22, 2017

We’ve heard of superheroes and super villains. But have you ever heard of ‘super lice’? Superheroes help save the world with their special abilities, while super villains are known for their incredible intelligence and cunning ways.

But what about head lice? Is there a special ability that they possess? Well, one thing is certain. They have a knack for showing up unexpected and making our lives miserable.

Not only is that their special talent, they live and breathe to make our lives hell. But recently, people have been talking about ‘super lice’ and how they are spreading fast.

So what makes these lice special? Well, one thing is, they’re immune to OTC lice products and home remedies!

Many people have difficulty fitting into a social circle when they first contract head lice. This is because these pesky critters are known to be contagious. Secondly, they are exhausting to deal with, and difficult to get rid of!

But there are ways to deal with super lice before they become a major problem. Here’s what you should do:

Avoid Home Remedies

Home remedies are the first thing we look for when we find out we have head lice. We look up treatments online and try them one by one. But one thing proves to be certain, and that is, home remedies are ineffective.

From tree tea oil to mayonnaise, and baking soda; there are hundreds of home remedies available online. But these lead to try and brittle hair. This is because the recipe requires mixing different types of ingredients and these ingredients are not suitable for applying to your hair, especially when they are mixed together!

Some of them are also hard to get out of your hair which results in shampooing constantly. This strips the natural oils produced by the hair and the result is dead, lifeless hair.

Avoid OTC Products

When home remedies fail, we often rush to the department store to purchase OTC anti-lice products. This is a bad idea because these products are known for containing harsh chemicals and pesticides that do more than just damaging your hair. They penetrate the scalp and lead to permanent hair loss and disabilities. One of the ingredients found commonly in OTC lice shampoos and products is lindane, which has been concluded as being carcinogenic. It also leads to seizures, problems with the nervous system, and in worst case scenarios, death.

Furthermore, super lice are immune to these products!

A lice removal service can help treat your hair and remove all the lice and nits using natural products. These products are not harsh on the scalp and are highly effective. They also use special combs that have a solid grip, removing nits and lice from every strand of hair!

We are a lice removal treatment center in Weston and Plantation, and use natural treatments to help get rid of head lice. We also offer in-home treatments, home inspection services, and free head lice screening. If you are struggling with lice infestation, call us at 800-748-9451 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about their services.

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