Head Lice Removal Services

At Lice Master, your convenience and peace of mind is our priority. That’s why we offer a variety of
all-natural services designed to eliminate the lice problem once and for all.


Lice Treatment Center

Lice Treatment Center

Our full-service lice clinics are centrally located and designed with families in mind, providing safe, all-natural treatment services to adults and children of all ages. With extended evening and weekend hours, our removal experts are ready to handle your case the very same day. Read More


In-Home Treatment — We Come to You!

In-Home Treatment — We Come to You!

When you schedule a lice removal house call, our technicians come to you with the same all-natural, 100% guaranteed effective services you would receive in our clinic. Unmarked cars and our discreetly dressed team maintain your privacy. A favorite service among busy families! Read More


Home Inspection & Cleaning Services

Home Inspection & Cleaning Services

You’ve got the lice out of the kids’ hair, but how do you make sure your home is free of lurking bugs and nits? Our home inspection services ensure a lice-free house, protecting your family against repeat infestations. Read More


School & Camp Screenings

School & Camp Screenings

How do you start a lice epidemic? Get a lot of kids in close quarters, as is often the situation at school, on sports teams and at summer camp. Keep lice away with regularly scheduled lice screenings. Infestations are identified quickly, helping to halt an outbreak before it starts. Read More

About Us

When the lice bug hits your home, you’re faced with a lot of options for getting rid of it. Naturally, savvy parents want the treatment method that’s fast and effective, but they also want an approach that’s safe and trustworthy. This is why parents choose Lice Master.

  1. All-Natural

    No chemicals, no toxins, no harmful pesticides. At Lice Master, we take the all-natural approach. Our trained experts do all removal of lice and nits manually, using specially designed combs, a keen eye and lots of patience. Any products used on the hair are to make the hair easier to work with, not to kill the parasite.

  2. Family-Friendly

    While anyone can end up with an infestation, children are our main clients. Whether in our clinic or in your own home, our technicians’ priority is the comfort of your family and the wellbeing of your child. Our removal process is pain free for kids and stress free for parents.

  3. Convenient

    Home treatments can require weeks of combing and multiple applications of toxic chemicals. With Lice Master, one treatment is all you need. Visit one of our centrally located clinic locations, or schedule a house call and let the Lice Masters come to you.

  4. Affordable

    Save time and money by doing lice removal right the first time. Our flat-rate services eliminate hidden fees and unpredictable hourly charges. Depending on your health insurance provider, your treatment may even be covered. Check with your provider.

  5. Guaranteed

    We’re so confident in our services we even guarantee them. With Lice Master, your infestation is a thing of the past after just one treatment. See here for more about our guarantee.


When you work with our team, you really are getting the Lice Masters. Each Lice Removal Expert has undergone thorough training around head lice and their removal, and they’re natural experts in dealing with children, who may be uneasy about undergoing treatment.

Your comfort and satisfaction is our goal, so we go the extra mile to make sure that getting rid of lice is pain free for both kids and parents!

A Treatment so effective we even guarantee it.


  1. One-time treatment (severe cases may require $60 retreatment fee)
  2. No lice or nits
  3. Reduced risk of re-infestation
  4. 14 day guarantee
  5. Immediate reentry to school with Lice Free certificate

The terms of the Lice Master Guarantee help us to collaborate with you to ensure that your household gets rid of the parasites and nits and stays that way.

In order for the Lice Master guarantee to be valid, ALL members of the household must be screened. Any members found to have head lice must be treated in order for the guarantee to remain valid. In addition, the 5-14 day retreatment must be completed.

Re-infestation by a third party will not qualify for free re-treatment. But following treatment, we educate you on how to prevent lice so that you can avoid future infestations.

In order to receive free re-treatment within the 14-day window, evidence of the parasites or nits must be found. Lice Master will not re-treat individuals simply because of a suspected infestation. A screening must produce evidence of parasites or nits. If none are found, the client will be responsible for the clinic-screening fee.

If we are called to your home for a re-treatment and no evidence of the parasites or nits are found, the client will be responsible for the minimum house call fee ($95).

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1 of 25 humans Have lice!

Head lice are parasitic wingless insects. They live on people’s heads and feed on their blood. An adult louse is about the size of a sesame seed.

  • Head Lice can’t jump or fly
  • Head lice are spread through close contact
  • Home remedies do not work
  • Head Lice are not dangerous
  • 1 out of every 4 kids get head lice
  • Head lice die when they are off the head for 48 hours
  • Itchiness is a late sign of head lice
  • Head lice affect people of all ages
  • Animals will not get head lice
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Lice removal process

Whether in our clinic or your own home, the Lice Master process is simple and straightforward.

1Call our office

Call our offices to schedule your clinic appointment or house call

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2Arrive at clinic

Arrive at our clinic or let our technicians come to you.

scheme icon scheme icon
3Apply Cream

Technicians apply our all-natural cream to the hair to soften and thicken the strands, making it easier to work with.

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4Removal Combs

Using our specially-designed lice removal combs, technicians meticulously and thoroughly remove all bugs and nits, ensuring a lice free head.

scheme icon scheme icon
5Ready to school

Your child receives the Lice Master Lice Free Certificate and is ready to return to school.

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Frequently asked questions

What are head lice?

Head lice are tiny grayish brown insects which nest on the scalps of human beings, living on their blood. Lice eggs, which are called nits, are minuscule white dots about the size of a strawberry seed that stick to the base of the hairs. Pediculosis capitis is the scientific term for a head lice infestation.

What are the symptoms of someone who has lice?

Most people associate a head lice infestation with incessant itching, caused by an allergic reaction to louse bites. In fact there is an excellent chance that a child who constantly scratches his/her head is infested. However, itching is not always severe, especially in a first infestation or when someone has built up tolerance to the bites. A head check is necessary to reliably confirm the presence of infestation.

Will a head lice infestation go away, given enough time?

Unlike many common childhood ailments, dealing with a head lice infestation is not a simple matter of “waiting it out.” Without proper louse removal treatment, the lice will continue to multiply on an infested head, causing continuing discomfort. What’s more, the infested person is likely to spread these pests to others.

Are lice a sign of poor home hygiene?

The idea that the presence of lice is an indicator of poor hygiene is a myth. In fact, head lice can and do infest anyone who comes into close contact with them, regardless of personal habits. Once on a person’s scalp, lice cannot be washed off and are best removed via a special head lice treatment performed by a professional.

Are head lice a source of illness?

The jury is still out as to whether head lice themselves are a source of illness or just an unpleasant annoyance. However, a child – or adult – who repeatedly scratches lice bites may eventually cause broken skin and open sores on the scalp. These are susceptible to infection, which can often be detected through swollen, tender lymph nodes.

Ditch the Home Lice Removal Remedies: Lice Master’s Lice Treatment Clinics Are All You Need

Struggling with home remedies and anti-lice shampoos trying to figure out how to get rid of those pesky lice? Every time you think you’ve finally mastered how to kill lice, they just keep coming back? Turn to Lice Master’s head lice treatment centers and find the best in affordable lice infestation treatment services.

Covering a number of regions in Florida, from Tampa to Tallahassee, Lice Master’s clinics offer the best lice removal services with guaranteed results and no re-occurrence. The weekday and weekend working hours extend from 9 am to 10 pm, making it easy to avail our services with maximum speed. Our treatment processes are non-toxic, using all natural products with no chemical substances used. Locate one of our lice removal clinics near you, and get rid of that pesky infestation once and for all!

Parents and caregivers try to spend a lot of time and money trying to get rid of head lice in children. It can be time-consuming, expensive and very frustrating because most treatments are ineffective. A head lice breakout or a pediculosis requires firm and quick action. Lice Masters, a professional head lice removal service will get rid of all the lice completely eliminating them from your child’s head, and your life!

Lice Master is a lice removal clinic that tackles a lice infestation for each member of your family. We offer a safe and natural head lice treatment service at your home or in one of our many lice treatment centers. Our services are proven 100% for effectively eliminating head lice, leaving your home complete lice and nit free. Our lice removal and treatment specialists also offer thorough home inspection and cleaning services.

If you have any questions about our lice salon, give us a call at 800-748-9451. We are always available to provide hands-on assistance.



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Whether in our clinic or your own home, the Lice Master process is simple and straightforward.

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